Weight Lifting for a Better Life

Resistance or weight training, which falls under anaerobic exercise, is the art of picking up heavy things and putting them down with the goal of increasing overall strength and/or power. The implications of weight lifting for muscle growth are obvious and can be discussed way beyond the scope of this article. Therefore, I will primarily […]

Proper Use of Cardio Training

Cardiovascular (cardio) training, which falls under aerobic exercise, is the first thing that comes to most people’s mind when they think about physical exercise or “getting in shape”. Put simply, cardio is exercise that increases your heart rate and maintains it at an elevated level during the training. When this happens, your body needs more […]

The Importance of Being Fit

The exact motives for losing fat and/or gaining muscle are personal and may involve a number of reasons: Health improvement – balancing blood cholesterol, sugar, etc. Improving performance for a sport Improving performance for life (yes, I CAN carry my suitcase) Narcissism (you like to look at yourself) Whatever the reasons may be, remember that […]