The Birth of Food Juggling

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Let’s just cut straight to the mandatory sales pitch (without the sale): After spinning my wheels in place for several years on diet and exercise plans that took me nowhere, I finally managed to nail down something that works. I’ve decided to share my knowledge with anyone who is looking to get their body in check. I call it Food Juggling and it’s based off my personal experience and a whole lot of time spent reading research that is available online, although not plainly obvious.

Read on to see what worked for me and what can work for you, with the right amount of dedication.

My Experience with Fat Loss

First, a quick story of what didn’t work. After “retiring” from regular basketball, I put on some extra weight which was very difficult to kick off. My end goal was to increase my vertical jump and the first step was slicing off the fat. Now being slightly overweight (as you can see in the first photo) may not seem like much, but the amount of futile dedication I used to put into getting fit was just depressing. No amount of jogging or hanging around in the gym helped much. My crappy diet plan consisted of alternating between clean food and binging. No tracking, no clue.

It wasn’t until I put my calories and macros under scrutiny that I got a real handle on things… and I did that with much less cardio than I used to put in.

Fat Loss Progress

Fat Loss Progress

It takes some time getting into it, but once you’ve got your calories under control and start seeing results, it’s hard to stop the steamroller of success. It’s a lifestyle change through nutritional education that takes time, but grants you long term success. Think opposite of a get-ripped-quick scheme which makes promises of chiseled abs in time for beach season or slimming into your favorite dress by Friday through starvation.

The trouble is that a big part of the weight loss industry lives by the motto of “keep fat people fat on a monthly subscription”. A lot of services focus on taking your money instead of seeing you achieve your goals and so they create perpetual customers which never get anywhere. Good for business, not so great for you. If you’re tired of people selling you miracle supplements, talking about how important the timing of that protein shake is and other “fitness secrets” that go nowhere, then you’ve come to the right place.

Food Juggling


Panettone diet you say?

This is just what i decided to call my diet plan. It’s not exactly revolutionary, you basically need to track what you are eating and make sure it fits within your calories and macros. The idea is to start being aware of the nutritional contents of what you eat. Once you realize that some of the junkier food you’re eating is low in required nutrients, you can:

  1. Switch up to “healthier” choices which are more nutritious and filling (satiety can be a big factor when you’re running on a calorie deficit)
  2. Give zero shits and keep junking, but making sure that your macros and fibers are in check. And that’s OK!
  3. A combination of the two

Personally I go for option 3 in order to sate my furious sweet-tooth. In fact, my biggest fat loss came during a time when I was cramming about 1kg/2lbs of Panettone a week for 3 straight months. True story.

The only effective diet is the one that works with your lifestyle. Forcing a pizza addict to go Keto is unsustainable and it’s only a matter of time before the big binge which in many cases can get… nasty.

Exercise for Fat Loss

All this talk about food, but where’s the sweat? I’m a huge proponent of weight lifting and cardio, but the fact of the matter is that exercise is not essential for fat loss. It’s something you can do to burn more calories and/or make sure that you are burning primarily fat and not muscle. However, if you are starting your diet from a point of high fat and low muscle mass you can practically lose weight without getting off your ass.

Once you’ve got your fat levels to a more manageable level, you can then begin to add exercise. Think of the difference between running at 15% and 30% body fat, and then think how smashing the concrete with your feet while carrying all that extra weight will have an impact on your knees and joints.

Having all that in mind, this blog will mainly focus on nutrition, but expect to see some posts about my recommended weightlifting routines and cardio as well. So stick around and feel free to hit the comments section with any questions you may have.


Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

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