The Importance of Being Fit

The exact motives for losing fat and/or gaining muscle are personal and may involve a number of reasons:

  • Health improvement – balancing blood cholesterol, sugar, etc.
  • Improving performance for a sport
  • Improving performance for life (yes, I CAN carry my suitcase)
  • Narcissism (you like to look at yourself)

Whatever the reasons may be, remember that they are your own. If none of the above reasons motivate you – YOU personally – to lose weight… then screw it. If your decisions are based on outside pressure that comes from TV, Ads, friends, your partner, anonymous people you meet at the club, etc. then you may be setting yourself up for failure. Trying to live up to other people’s standards can lead to a very unrewarding life.

As for my reasons, basically the further away I get from this, the happier I am:

I enjoy making myself better in every way that I can, fitness is just one piece of the puzzle. The way I see it, I have been put into this body that can be quicker, stronger and healthier so why not make the most of it? I get a kick out of simple things like moving a neighbor’s couch or chasing after my friend’s dog to being able to deadlift twice my bodyweight.

Not to mention that “get fit” is a very achievable goal. Once you’ve scratched that one off your list, you’ll have the extra boost of motivation and confidence to take on your forthcoming challenges, but you’ll be doing it in your new Body 2.0.

Why is getting fit a challenge?

Short answer: Money. Fat is more profitable than fit.

Macaroni & Cheese Options

Once upon a time, Mac & Cheese was just macaroni with cheese.

Food Access & Excess

Food tastes good and there’s someone constantly reminding us that it’s readily available at a low price, whatever your preference may be.


Our civilization has come a long way in a short amount of time. High-energy nutrients, such as fat and sugar which used to be scarce and prized foods, helped our ancestors avoid starvation. Today these nutrients can be found in abundance, but we continue to crave them. The problem is eating for taste instead of nutrition.


Corporations are making food cheaper for our wallets (and more expensive to the environment). Incidentally, this food seems to be of a dubious quality but does it really matter when you can get 2 burgers for $1?

In other news, a large part of the world’s population is starving to death, but that’s a story for another time.


Walk into almost any supermarket and be overwhelmed by choice. Now you can buy every kind of food you never really wanted!

Sprinkle some targeted advertisement on top and you’ve got the perfect recipe that’s gonna mess up your goals.

The Fitness Industry

A large part of the blame can be placed on the fitness and weight loss industry itself. Many magazines, fitness centers, magic weight-loss pill distributors and even some personal trainers benefit from people who never make any progress, placing priority on profit over results. If we all turned fit and fine overnight, the fitness industry would come crashing down since the entire concept is built around a perpetual cycle of maximizing sales through stagnation.

If you’ve ever been a member of a large corporate gym, you may have noticed how little effort is put into helping you reach your goals and how important it is for you to SIGNUP NOW AND GET ONE MONTH FREE and we don’t give a shit if you ever show up after you’ve paid.

There are certainly exceptions with some stellar experts in the field, so it’s not all bad. Just don’t take anything at face value (including what I write), but dig a little deeper. After all, it’s only your health that’s at stake.

Fat Acceptance

The key question is: how fat are we talking about? There’s nothing wrong with an overweight girl/guy being satisfied with the way they look. There is everything wrong with saying that an obese person is just as healthy as an athlete (everything else being equal).

Putting it all under one umbrella term and sending the message that all fat is acceptable is a dangerous game. Where do we draw the line? #AlcoholismAcceptance

If you’re happy in your coat of fat, that’s perfectly fine. But trying to make a point that it’s a healthy lifestyle choice is fairly misguided since it takes a single flight of stairs to prove you wrong.

Are you really satisfied with yourself?

Before I leave you in peace, as you wear your smug grin on your slightly-overweight frame, allow me to throw a little wrench into your gears. You may say “well I’m technically overweight and I feel file”. But how do you know? What are you comparing this feeling to? What do your blood tests say?

For someone who got rid of 18kg (40 lbs) of excess fat, I can attest to how great it feels. If you do any sort of activities that require the movement of your body, then fat loss is even more perceivable. Just turning on my side in bed has become something that requires significantly less effort!

All I’m saying is, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it because being fit and active can be a load of fun! Aside from all the “superfluous” benefits:

  1. Improved Body Composition – shed body fat and strengthen muscles by fueling your body properly.
  2. Better Health – balancing your nutrient profile may lead to improved heart health, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  3. Increased Performance – experience higher energy levels and stamina: from daily life activities (like playing with your kids) to athletic performance.


Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

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